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Cultivating Home

Families affected by COVID-19 CULTIVATING A HOME THAT LOOKS LIKE HIMHear from a mother on how she and her family have been coping at home in the midst of this circuit breaker.One morning, I woke up to a screaming child because her 2 year old brother hit her, another child […]

We will do our best

Families affected by COVID-19 GOD TRUSTS US WITH OUR CHILDREN. WE WILL DO OUR BESTHear these parents’ hearts for their children, one who is on the frontlines and another who lives abroad.In January, our first grandchild was due soon, and we travelled to the UK to support our daughter and […]

Stuck in Thailand

Families affected by COVID-19 GOD’S FINGERPRINTS ARE EVIDENT EVEN IN THE LITTLE DETAILSHear a missionary family’s journey as they were recently separated in two different nations due to Covid-19 My husband (who’s Thai) and I, together with our sons, have been planning to return to Singapore this year, after serving […]

Philippines to Canada – a repatriation

Families affected by COVID-19 HOPE HAS CONQUERED ALL UNCERTAINTYHere is an account of a daughter’s concerns for her mother [who was visiting] the Philippines when Covid-19 hit & very quickly a nation-wide lockdown was declared.I have been trying to help my (almost) 80-year-old mom. She is stuck in the Philippines […]

Making the decision from Myanmar

Families affected by COVID-19 PERHAPS NOW IS A TIME TO SEE OUR BELIEF IN A CARING GOD, TRANSLATED INTO REALITYOur family got the news that Singapore’s borders were closing: no more flights in and out. We had been praying and waiting on God for His direction on whether to stay […]

Beautify Series -Bryan

This post first appeared on our Facebook page and Instagram on 28 January 2018 Meet Bryan! Currently serving as a staff on the Discipleship Training School (DTS) team! He did a School of Biblical Studies in 2016 and he has since been staffing on various DTS schools. He enjoys working […]

The story of Regina

This is my story of a broken and fatherless person, to a daughter who knows she is fully loved by a perfect Father. It is my journey of restoration by the love and mercy of God.I come from a dysfunctional family with an abusive father who often hit my mother […]

The story of Ari

I was raised in Papua New Guinea (PNG), where my dad was a high school headmaster and my mother was a housewife who looked after me and my two younger brothers. Growing up, I remember that my parents fought and argued a lot, and my coping mechanism was to retreat […]

The story of Mandy

This is my story from a broken and reckless person to a logical and joyful wife, my journey of restoration by the love and mercy of God.I was born premature, with no connection between my brain, throat and the rest of my body. Technically, I should have died as a […]

The story of Hanson

I was born into a missional family, as my grandparents and parents are missionaries. When I was 7, my parents committed to full-time missions in China. It was a big change for my family as we had to pack up and move. My sister and I were sent to Australia […]