YWAM strongly believes in equipping the whole person for the work of the kingdom. We offer extensive training for Christians desiring to be involved in world missions.

YWAM in Singapore has been established since 1980 and our training centre has equipped thousands of International and Singaporean students in Christian missions and ministry. We are one of the many training centres linked to the University of the Nations (U of N) in Kona, Hawaii. Our programs are registered and accredited with the UofN.

Our training programs are based on YWAM’s foremost value of knowing God. We emphasise intimacy with God, guidance through hearing God’s voice, strong biblical foundations, cross-cultural competency, servant leadership and ministry relevance to an unreached world.


The DTS is YWAM’s foundational course for anyone with a heart for missions. It is a 5-month long full-time program that focuses on your relationship with God, finding your identity in Him and your part in His purposes for the world.


The SBS is a 9-month school in which students learn how to study in-depth all 66 books of the bible through inductive observation and interpretation, as well as application.

We also offer modular version of the SBS for students residing in Singapore who are unable to join our full-time SBS. Click here


The SoFM equips students for long-term missions among unreached people groups who have had little or no exposure to the Gospel. It culminates in a 9-month field internship.


YWAM courses often called “schools,” combine theory with practical application. They usually last between three and nine months. For many YWAM students, the intensive learning combined with community living makes for a transformational experience. These are some key aspects of our training:


The live-learn concept means establishing community for the purposes of learning. We believe that learning takes place best in the context of relationships. The strong emphasis placed on relationships between students and staff and on small groups and student activities provides a secure atmosphere that optimizes the learning experience. It is in this environment that formal, informal, and non formal education becomes a life style taught in the context of community. The ‘classroom’ becomes a lot more than the place where students sit down and take notes. Practical workshops and interactions, like working on a project, small group activities, communal worship, prayer, meals, and social activities become channels and opportunities that promote learning and personal development.



We conduct our courses in modular system that enhances learning by providing students with intensive and focused time on each topic. Typically, resident or visiting teachers spend a full week or two on their area of expertise. Such focus and intensity prepares the student to work effectively in a subsequent field assignment usually in a cross-culturally environment.



Since its formation YWAM Training Centre has encouraged an educational model that focuses on achieving competency specific areas of learning rather than training that is purely theory or content orientated. Desired learning outcomes drive the course of study forming the curriculum and content. The lecture phase focuses on theory and principle while the field assignment phase allows the students to put into practice the principles they have acquired in the classroom.



Because of the modular system, students benefit from the knowledge and skills of local, as well as visiting resource teachers. Resource teachers come for one week or more to teach in their area of expertise. Some hold teaching positions at other colleges or universities while some are authors, pastors, missionaries, and other professionals. Known nationally or internationally for their competency in an area of subject matter, these resource teachers bring richness and diversity to the student body. With the inclusion of resource teachers, the quality of the course is not dependent on one teacher, but on many specialised teachers.

YWAM Training Centre aims to provide quality services in mission and ministry training, to be committed to excellence and to apply a biblical standard of integrity in all its programs. As a Christian organisation, high standards of character and behaviour are promoted and expected among staff and students, in adherence with Christian beliefs and practice within a biblical framework.

Our desire is to impart to you not only knowledge, but enthusiasm and practical skills that will enable you to achieve more than you thought was ever possible. Whether you are an individual, couple or family and whatever your age, background, or culture – we want to help you reach your fullest potential in God and to offer our support to you as you take your next step of faith in God into your destiny.



Our students and staff come from many nations, cultures, denominations and generations, and God forms us into a beautiful family. This family-style approach implies a sharing of meals, resources, ideas and talents in a spirit of love and unity. Through the combination of academic study and community life, students grow in character as well as wisdom. You will learn by doing and you can gain insights while you serve in cultures different from yours.