SBS Night

SBS Night School 2021

SBS Night School 2021 will offer a hybrid class format where classes are held simultaneously at Kum Yan Methodist Church and online via Zoom.

Except for the first week of class where it is preferred that new students attend class in person for the Inductive Method Seminar, students are free to decide when they want to attend in person or online for the monthly lectures.


The SBS Night School is a part-time, modular version of the School of Biblical Studies  for students residing in Singapore who are unable to join our full-time SBS. Unlike the full-time SBS where all 66 books of the Bible are covered in nine months, SBS Night School is designed to cover 9 to 10 selected books from the Old and New Testaments each year, eventually covering all the books in 7 years. Students enrol year by year.

We place emphasis on equipping the student with the tools to continue a lifetime of Bible study. This is done through a system of class lectures held two consecutive evenings a month, independent study and individual coaching.


>> To develop the ability to rightly and accurately handle God’s Word of Truth.

>> To allow Biblical truths to renew our minds and transform our relationships.


SCHOOL FEES: SGD $500* per year

*Course fee is standardised at $500 each student, regardless of the mode of class attendance. If the cost prohibits you from joining the class, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

>> Minimum of 18 years old

>> Proficient in English

>> Currently residing in Singapore  *Online classes for non-residents available

The full-time School of Biblical Studies within Youth With A Mission Singapore has been running in Singapore since 1989. Over the years hundreds of students and staff have benefitted from learning how to study the Scriptures. People have asked us over those years if we had a part-time school for those who cannot study full-time to participate in.

In 2007 we started our first year of the SBS Night School. The Night School provides us with an opportunity to share with you the things that we have learned and taught in our full-time course School of Biblical Studies (SBS).

SBS is one of the many training programs offered at YWAM. It is a nine-month school which trains students in Inductive Bible Study, equipping them to study God’s Word for themselves while challenging them to give it out to others.


Each year we begin with an Inductive Method Seminar to teach the tools of Bible study, and walk the students through the assignments. This first week of the course will be an intensive 5 evenings of lectures, tailored for new students to learn the tools. After that students returning from previous years will join the class for the monthly lectures (see schedule for the year at the bottom of this page).

As we study each book, the staff will give you a basic overview of the book, including historical background and main themes. Each student will be assigned to a staff member who will be 'on call' to help the student. We have a "homework" and "non-homework” option. Those in the “homework” option* will receive guided coaching on how to see more in the text.

*Limited places available for “Homework” option.

NEXT SCHOOL: 15 Feb - 15 Nov 2021

Contact: Lina PHON

Email: [email protected]

SBS Night School Classes will be held at:

 Kum Yan Methodist Church

No.1 Queen Street , Singapore 188534