The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a nine-month course in which students are thoroughly immersed in the Word of God through a systematic study of each of the sixty-six books of the Bible.

Students learn to study the Bible using the Inductive Approach - observing what the Biblical text says, interpreting what it means, and then letting those truths shape their beliefs and practical living.
This would be an invaluable course for any believer who seeks to grow deeper in the Word and to discover the heart of God. We also run SBS Night school.
  • To develop the ability to rightly and accurately handle God’s Word of Truth
  • To gain an overview of the Bible
  • To lay a foundation in the Word of God for fulfilling the Great Commission in Singapore and beyond
  • REGISTRATION FEE*: S$120 (Single) & $180 (Married couple)
    Note: For International applicants there is an additional Visa processing fee ($45)
    *Registration is non-refundable
  • COURSE FEE: S$7,200 (with lodging) / S$4,950 (without lodging)
  • Successful completion of DTS
  • Proficient in English

What does SBS look like in Singapore?

1. Through training in the Inductive Method and tools of Bible study, students will become proficient in the use of concordances, word studies, Bible dictionaries, atlases and Bible study encyclopedias.

2. Through lectures given by graduates of YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies students will understand the background of Bible books.

Lectures include:
•     The historical background for each book.
•     The main themes or central ideas in the book.
•     In addition to lecturing, the staff are available for tuition to facilitate the learning process. They will also evaluate the work of the students to help them to use the Bible study method more effectively.

3. By giving the students a process for practicing the Inductive Method, students are trained to do observation, interpretation and application as there will be periodic tests and a comprehensive exam at the end of the New Testament. All assignments and tests are graded.


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What our students are saying about SBS?

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“One significant moment in SBS was when we were studying the book of Galatians. Through that, I got to see how much every single person needs God’s grace, and how nobody can earn their way into being forgiven or salvation. I think just being hit with the grace that God has given to us, was huge for me! It was a deep revelation for me that we cannot earn His grace, as His Word states clearly. He just gave it freely for us! Through SBS, I’m thankful to be able to see God’s character for who He really is through His Word.”


“I applied for SBS after being challenged by the fact that if I could spend 4-5 years pursuing a degree in University, there was no reason why I could not give God 9 months to study His Word. I’ve come to see that it has been completely worth it, just sitting and being immersed into God’s Word. There have been several times where I experienced the satisfaction of letting certain truths change the way I’ve been thinking. It was not dramatic transformation, but just seeing that God’s Word can bring so much comfort into my soul. It changed the way I see who I am, in comparison to the greatness and sovereignty of God. Knowing that God knows what is happening in my life, wants to be involved and be in a relationship with me, has shown me that I can submit my life to Him."


“Growing up in an asian family, I used to think that God is authoritative and distant. In the sense that He rules with an iron fist and does not understand us, but wants us to follow His rules. Learning the Bible has completely shattered this illusion, but has showed me that God is more that just a figure head. He is personal, a Friend, a Teacher, and a gentle Guide. The fact that God the Creator of the Universe is willing to come down to earth, lower Himself to our level and reveal Himselt to us through His Word is extraordinary in itself. SBS gave me a fresh perspective of God, in its right context, and I’ve seen how His Word is applicable to every aspect of our lives."


“I decided to do SBS to reground myself, to refine and rediscover my roots, rediscover who God is, and who He has always been. It was a time where I was forced to just sit still, which was a challenge for me because I sometimes fall into the mindset that my worth is found in how much I do, how well I do and what kind of things I do. There have been times when I find myself being more of a human ’doing’ rather than a human ‘being’, so it has been a highlight for me to learn to just sit with God and take His Word in, rather than always trying to give it all out.”

DATES:  Feb 24 - Nov 24, 2024

Registration is now open!

Please do take note that the deadline for International applications is November 18th, 2023

Contact: Maria Broersma