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Organic videos made by theComms Team


YWAMSG 40TH: Forging Forward

As sons and daughters of God, we have the received the call to go and make disciples of all nations. Will you respond to His invitation to step into the things He has in store? Here’s our commitment to go to the ends of the earth to know Him and make Him known.


YWAMSG 40TH: Looking Back

Looking back and remembering what God has done through the simple obedience of the YWAMers who have gone before us. A video that celebrates the journey that the Lord has taken us on, but also reminds us of the ONE reason why we do what we do.

YWAM Origins

YWAM Origins and YWAM Singapore

Ever tried asking what YWAM is, and got even more confused? Here’s a 2-minute summary of YWAM from our origins to where we are today!

School of Biblical Studies

What has the ZOO got to do with the Bible?

Leader of the School of Biblical Studies (SBS), Maria Broersma shares why the zoo is her favourite place and the reason why she is passionate about studying the Word of God.

Discipleship Training School

An invitation into a faith journey, of seeking God and partnering with Him

Don't you wish you could see what God sees? Embark on an adventure so wild that you don't know where it's gonna take you? Or go a mission that will bring you to the end of yourself ...and beyond?

Trailblazer DTS 2020

Now is God's time for Japan

Meet our new staff Mariya from Okinawa, Japan. She will be staffing in the upcoming Trailblazer DTS 2020. We're super excited to have her here with us.


Do you have a desire to serve God in Asia? Singapore has been positioned as the gateway to Asia, strategically located in the crossroads between the East and West. And for over 40 years, YWAM Singapore has been helping young people discover their purpose and passion for missions in this region of the world.

Meet our DTS graduates

ANN from Canada

"I've never experienced so much of God in such a short amount of time"

Let's hear from Ann why she chose Singapore, her highlight and the challenges she faced.

Meet our DTS graduates

STEPHANIE from Indonesia

"I want you to go do a DTS, to learn about missions…. and experience a relationship with Me“

Let's hear from Stephanie why she chose YWAM Singapore, her DTS highlights.

Meet our DTS graduates

VICUNNA from Hong Kong

“Community is something that attracted me the most, I learned that there is no divide from work and ministry”
Let's hear from Vicuna why she chose Singapore to do her DTS and what impacted her the most.

Meet our DTS graduates

TONA from Rwanda

“Firstly, I struggled with the food…very different. Secondly, just being around with so many people at the same time”

Let's hear from Tona what her highlight was and the challenges she faced.And how she eventually overcame it.

Meet our DTS graduates

GODFRED from Ghana

"I wanted a new Cultural experience, different from home; what I'm used to...“

Let's hear from Godfred why he chose YWAM Singapore, and his DTS highlights.