The Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) is a 5 months course aimed at introducing students to a Biblical framework for Christian counseling. FCM will expose you to the Biblical processes of healing and restoration and help you develop a personal growth in your relationship with God. It will enhance your future ministry with people by further developing a mature Christian identity. FCM empowers Christians to proclaim the power of the Gospel through mending broken hearts. It focuses on bringing healing into your life so that, in turn, you can lead people into freedom and victorious Christian living. FCM takes place in an environment where students, staff, and visiting speakers interact daily with one another.

>> Personal Development

>> Skill Development

>> Cognitive Development


>> REGISTRATION FEE (Non-refundable):

a) Singaporean - $120 (Single) or $180 (Married)
b) International* - $150 or $240 (Married)
*additional processing fees for Student Visa

>> LECTURE FEE: S$3500 (with lodging) / S$2800 (without lodging)

OUTREACH FEE: S$2500  (optional)


>> Successful completion of DTS

>> Proficient in English

>> REGISTRATION is due 15th July 2022 for International Applicants


Lecture Phase:

The 12-week lecture phase includes various ways of learning for your own development to equip you for future counseling ministry. This happens through formal lectures, discussions, workshops, small group interaction, personal study, and one-on-one feedback opportunities.

Outreach Phase:

The outreach phase will be 8-12 weeks in length. This provides a practical experience where the knowledge, skills and character qualities of a Biblical counselor learned in the lecture phase are put into practice in a mission field setting. Students will find enriching cross-cultural opportunities and challenging experiences of working on a team.


The FCM offers whole-person training programs in counseling which have broad-learning goals in three areas:

1. Personal Development: Grace, relationships, identity and self-awareness.

2. Skill Development: Personal interactions, active listening, Biblical belief renewal, prayer for healing, and intercession.

3. Cognitive Development: Defining counseling in the light of God’s character, the work of the Cross and the Holy Spirit, the believer’s identity in Christ, repentance and forgiveness, calling and gifts, stages of spiritual development, God’s intention for the personality, authority through intercession, cross-cultural counseling, and the role of the counselor in ministry.

Lecture Topics:

• Biblical foundations of counseling and active listening
• Family systems
• Divine plumb line teaching and ministry- the power of the cross
• Identity in Christ and self-awareness
• Gender awareness
• Emotions and renewing of the mind
• Healing and restoration through relationship
• Role of the Holy Spirit
• Understanding God’s grace and extending it to others
• Basic counseling skills and tools to work with

LECTURE PHASE: 29th Sept - 22nd Dec 2022

OUTREACH (OPTIONAL): 26th Dec '22 - 18th Feb, 2023

Contact: Myoung Ok

Email: [email protected]

Deadline for International applications is 15 July 2022