The SoFM is about discovering God’s heartbeat for nations and people groups. All our lecturers are/were missionaries and experts in their area of teaching. The school is designed to equip Christians with essential training to live and work amongst the unreached people groups who have had little or no exposure to the message of God’s love.

Students are taught strategic missions thinking, language and culture learning, survival skills, team work, leadership, logistical and psychological preparation for long term mission work.


>> Train students to discover the worldview of their target people group

>> Assist students to find their area of calling in frontier missions

>> Impart cross-cultural communication skills



a) Singaporean - $120 & $180 (for married couple)
b) International - $150 & $240 (for married couple)
This non-refundable fee must be paid upon submission of the duly completed application form.



>> Successful completion of DTS

>> Proficient in English

>> Recommendations from your Pastor and DTS leader

Lecture Phase:

During the 3-month lecture phase, topics will include: 

• Biblical and Historical Basis of Missions
• The Pillars in mission - Prayers & Evangelism
• Language learning & Cross-cultural Living
• Mission Strategies
• Church Planting Movements
• Worldview and Beliefs of various religions
• Understanding Asian Culture and Worldview
• Business, Community Development and other platforms
• Effective Teams and Pioneering
• Team Building and Dynamics (how to build great team relationships)
• Resiliency and thriving in the Mission Field

Staff and students will also experience cross-culture worship, church and local evangelism throughout the school. We will visit mosques and temples together, spend time in local communities, and learn from those around us. You will hear from experienced field workers, staff & church planters, who have years of ministry, countless stories, and eye-opening case studies to learn from.


After the lecture phase you will be on a 9-month field internship. We will help place you with a Church Planting team and there you will be mentored and coached to start your missional learning journey amongst the unreached peoples group.

The internship enables you to experientially acquire skills necessary for medium- to long-term ministry in frontier missions. Being trained to cross a cultural barrier can save years of frustration and can lay a sound foundation for effective long term ministry.

Through the internship, as a part of a team on the mission field, interns learn how to:

• Speak the heart language of the target people group
• Understand the local culture to share the gospel more effectively
• Work well within a field team
• Thrive in a frontier location

Interns are mentored through both the lecture and field phases. The SoFM staff are passionate about seeing missionaries equipped and supported to flourish in the mission field God has called them to.


Contact: Charles Ariston
Start date: March 7, 2021
Email: [email protected]
School fee: $5,000