Philippines to Canada – a repatriation

Families affected by COVID-19


Here is an account of a daughter’s concerns for her mother [who was visiting] the Philippines when Covid-19 hit & very quickly a nation-wide lockdown was declared.

I have been trying to help my (almost) 80-year-old mom. She is stuck in the Philippines (PH). Her original return flight back to Canada was affected & subsequently cancelled due to the sudden lock-down that was declared on March 15th. I registered her with the Canadian Embassy and all the affiliated agencies who were coordinating efforts to get her (and all the other stranded expatriates) out. After much hustle, they coordinated a flight for April 14th.

Now, I keep checking updates on Facebook, Email & WhatsApp. So far no response from them. However, this morning’s update from the Embassy stated that the tickets for that flight are sold out! It is worrying that my mom still isn’t able to get on a repatriation flight.

The news reports that the Philippines Government has extended the lockdown until April 30th. Commercial flights are still not allowed to the ‘provinces’ outside of Manila and strict community measures continue. Additionally, there are roadside security checks to ensure only those with ‘quarantine passes’ are allowed on the street. Thankfully, the Embassy updated that the effort for another repatriation flight is scheduled for April 17th.

Over the past one week, there have been no new cases of Co-vid19 on my mom’s island! ‘Persons under investigation’ have all tested negative! It is great news, and perhaps my mom is better staying in the Philippines. Though maybe not, because all it takes is one asymptomatic infected person & an under-equipped hospital system to devastate a whole island.

These are such unprecedented times. But my soul finds solace; it is in the stillness with My Saviour, that I let my worries flow. I can cast my cares on Him because He cares for my mom, the world and me.

So, I need these times of stillness to speak to my body, my mind and my emotions that God is bigger than all this mess. He is my strength. He is my security. He is my protector. I will be still & know that He is God.


• Editor's Update : Less than 18hrs before the April 14th repatriation flight, a confirmation email ticket finally came through. Her mum is now enjoying serving her 14-day quarantine at home in Canada.