FAQ – Training Centre

General Training FAQ


1. Do I need to do a DTS first before doing a second level school?

  • A 24 credit University of the Nations recognised DTS is a preliminary requirement before you can other second level schools or join as staff.

2. Is YWAM Singapore accredited?

  • YWAM Singapore is part of Youth With A Mission(YWAM)International and Discipleship Training Schools run at YWAM Singapore are registered with YWAM’s international network of tertiary level education/training known as the University of the Nations (UofN). DTS is the foundation course, which acts as a prerequisite for further training within any of YWAM’s University of the Nations 450 campuses internationally. The UofN is not registered/accredited as a university in Singapore

 3.Do I need to prove language proficiency if I am from overseas?

  • Even if English is not your first language, you do not need a formal English test score in order to apply. However, please note that all training run at YWAM Singapore is run in English; you will have a much deeper learning experience if you can understand what the speakers are saying and can communicate easily with the other students and staff.

4. Are the schools offered in any other languages besides English?

  • At the moment we do not offer any bi-lingual schools.

5. I have children, can I bring my family with me?

  • • We welcome families! We believe that families, and not just individuals, have a calling in missions to serve together as a family. Please let us know if you are planning on bringing your family.
  • • However, do bear in mind that bringing your family means extra financial costs and greater logistic concerns. Please note that our base does not have child care facilities. Do write to us regarding your situation if you are intending to apply to our DTS.

6. How do I apply for any of the schools?

  • You can register at ywam.org.sg/apply . Upon receiving your application and registration fees, interviews will be conducted and your application will be prayed over before acceptance. Interviews for foreigners will be conducted via Skype.

IMPORTANT : Do not book airplane tickets until you have received your acceptance letter.

7. How much registration fees do I have to pay?

  • • For Singaporean applicants – $120(individual) & $180(married couple) - NON-Refundable
  • • For International applicants - $150*(individual) & $240*(married couple) - NON-Refundable *additional processing fees for Student visa/pass application.

8. Is financial assistance or scholarship available for students?

  • As all of our staff and students trust and rely on God for the finances they need to live and study, we are unable to provide discounts, financial assistance or scholarships. We firmly believe that God is our source of provision and believe in His faithfulness. We are privileged to stand in the place of prayer and partnership together and see the ways God provides!

9. Do I need a visa? How do I apply for a visa? What type of visa do I need?

  • Once your application is accepted and processed. We will begin your student visa application for you. Details regarding that application will be communicated upon your acceptance to the school. It will be valid for the entire duration of the lecture & outreach phase. There will be extra costs for your visa, dependent upon your nationality.

10. Are there any other costs?

  • Yes, for your student visa, our registrar will guide you through this process and ake sure you have all the details you need. As well as your ticket or transport here, you will need some money for your personal costs – daily meals, toiletries, snacks, postage, sim cards etc. We recommend including a pocket money amount in the total amount you are fundraising for. More details will be provided for applicants.

11. Do I need to apply for health and travel insurance?

  • • HEALTH: Yes all international students and staff will be required to have health insurance. If you don’t have an existing coverage, you can purchase a Group Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance (H&S) Coverage through Youth With A Mission Training Centre.
  • • TRAVEL: Yes, you are required to purchase your own Travel Insurance before arriving in Singapore. Travel insurance is also needed when you go on your outreach, and if you are coming from overseas – it is highly recommended that you apply for your own travel insurance to cover the duration of the school.

12. Who are the teachers?

  • Those who teach are usually other YWAM leaders nationally or internationally, local YWAM staff and other reputable speakers who are involved in the church and/or missions locally or internationally.

13. Where will I stay?

  • • Accommodation will be dormitory style with shared rooms of between 2-6 students and shared bathroom facilities. Living together in community is a great way to get to know people from diverse backgrounds and it is a lot of fun!
  • • For couples, you will have your own room for your own privacy.
  • • Outreach accommodation varies by location and may be anything from staying with local families, bunking in on a church floor, a guesthouse, or being hosted by a local YWAM centre.

14. Are meals provided?

  • • We do not provide food on base except for monthly love feasts (when the whole base gathers one evening for a night of fellowship and fun).
  • • Food is readily available all around the base in different restaurants and food stores. Prices of food vary from $2 - $15.

15. What do I do on my weekend?

  • • Weekends are times for resting, refreshing & bonding. There may be school activities. Weekends are part of the learning week.
  • • We highly encourage school students attend a local church whilst in Singapore, to expand on their experience with the body of Christ in the country.

16. What do I need to bring?

  • The school leader will provide you with a list of things you will need to pack before you come.

17. Will I have access to the internet?

  • The base offers internet to all students. If you want to access the internet during your time on the base you will have to bring your own laptop to connect with.

18. What happens if the school happens to fall on holidays like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali or Christmas for example?

  • School activities will continue as usual on public holidays unless otherwise told.

19. Can I work during my DTS, SBS or SoFM?

  • It is NOT possible to work during the DTS.

20. Can others mail packages or letters to us while we are doing school?

  • For each school, your staff will inform you about the procedure for the receiving of mail.