If you have any more questions that are not in the sections below, check in the Training Centre General FAQ, OR email us at info@ywam.org.sg

1. How do I apply?

  • Please refer to Training Centre General FAQs click here

2. What can I expect from this school?

  • • Expect to develop the ability to rightly and accurately handle God’s Word of Truth.
  • • Expect to gain an overview of the bible
  • • Expect to lay a foundation in the Word of God for fulfilling the Great Commission in Singapore and beyond.

3. What are the requirements?

  • • Successful completion of DTS
  • • Proficiency in English

4. Are there any breaks in the school?

  • The school has 3 terms, each term being 12 or 13 weeks in duration. Between each term, there is a one-week break.

5. What are the costs?

  • $7200 (with lodging)
  • $4950 (without lodging)
  • *Extra costs will apply for international students for student visa/pass applications.

6. Who teaches in the school?

  • Staff of the school, who are SBS graduates, teach on a regular basis. From time to time, lecturers from other SBS around the world or who are former SBS staff teach in the school as well.

7. Do I have to stay in?

  • Stay-in is optional. Accommodation is available at the base, with priority given to international students