General FAQ – YWAM


1.What is the climate like in Singapore through the year?

  • Singapore is hot and humid all year-round, with temperatures usually reaching over 30°C. You should be prepared for rain at any time, which can be torrential but usually brief.

2. What is the currency of Singapore?

  • The Singapore dollar is used here and notes come in denominations of S$2, S$5, S$10, S$50, S$100. Coins come in 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and S$1. (1USD=1.43SGD)

3. Where is the YWAM base located?

  • • We are located in KH Plaza at 12 Aljunied Road on level 4 & 5. Map it here
  • • The nearest MRT station to us is Aljunied MRT on the East West Line.

4. What do people normally wear onYWAM base?

  • • For Women : casual dresses, skirts, cool tops, shorts, capris or slacks. Avoid attire that is sexually suggestive or transparent. This includes skin-tight clothing, short shorts/skirts, or low cut tops
  • • For Men : Short sleeved shirts, t-shirts and pants or shorts. No suits necessary. Men are expected to wear t-shirts or tank tops at all times while on base.

     Just a tip : when you’re packing and you’re unsure about the modesty of a piece of clothing, be on the safe side and don’t bring it!

5. Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

  • We provide linen and towels. But if you want to bring your own towel, you can feel free to do so.

6. How do I get around Singapore?

  • Singapore is very well connected by its train and bus system. Pedestrian walkways are around most of the island, and it is safe.
  • a) By Train: Singapore’s MRT (mass rapid transit) system is probably the fastest way to zip around the city. The extensive rail network means that most of Singapore’s key attractions are within walking distance from an MRT station.
  • b) By Bus: Singapore's bus system has an extensive network of routes covering most places in Singapore and is the most economical way to get around, as well as being one of the most scenic.
  • c) By Taxi: Taxis are comfortable and especially handy if you want to go to places not accessible by the bus or MRT. Cabs here are metered, but there may be surcharges depending on when, where and which company’s taxi you board. If you wish to book a cab, you can call a common taxi booking number, 6342-5222 (UBER or GRABTaxi also available)

7. What nationalities are on the YWAM base?

  • Besides Singaporeans, our base staff come from many nations like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Korea, Japan, USA, Australia, England and Fiji.

8. Is YWAM part of a denomination?

  • YWAM is interdenominational, which means that YWAMers come from all kinds of church backgrounds and traditions. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word, and our training is grounded in its principles. You can read our beliefs and values click here for more details


1.How much luggage can I bring?

  • The general rule of thumb is that you should only bring as much as you can handle on your own. You will need to be able to keep all of your things in just a couple of drawers, a shelf and a bit of hanging space. Also if you go on outreach or away for any trips, we only have small storage facilities for your things. We recommend 1 large backpack OR 1 medium sized suitcase.

2. How much spending money do I need and how will I bring it to Singapore?

  • How much money you will need will depend on your spending habits. You can check here for current exchange rates for your currency. You’ll need to think about a sim card, laundry, personal transport, social outings, snacks, coffee etc.
  • Here’s a SAMPLE list to give you an idea of prices in Singapore Dollars.
  • a) Prepaid Sim Card $18~$30 every month.
  • b) Laundry Detergent $2
  • c) Toiletries $5-15
  • d) One way train fare $2-3 [you can get a prepaid EZ link card, which is used on all buses and trains]
  • e) MacDonalds meal $5-8
  • f) Washing machine (on base) $2 [no dryer, there will be places for you to hang your clothes]
  • g) Coffee at a coffee shop $1.5 – $6 (local coffee shop/café)

3. Can I do laundry on base?

  • There are washing machines available for $2 per wash. We do not have dryers. You have to purchase your own laundry detergent.

4. What immunisations do I need?

  • No immunisations are required for entry into the Singapore. If you go on outreach, you will be required to get some immunisations for some countries.

5. What type of visa do I need?

  • This will depend on what purpose you’re coming for. Please communicate closely with the Registrar on this matter.

6. Which airport should I fly into?

  • Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the busiest and best connected in the world, handling over 100 airlines flying to some 300 cities

7. Will my electrical appliances work in Singapore?

  • The standard electrical current used in Singapore is 220-240 volts AC (50 cycles) and you can use power plugs with three square prongs here.

8. Can I bring my laptop?

  • Lots of students bring their own laptops, we do not provide computers for use.

9. Is an internet connection available on YWAM base?

  • We have wifi on the base.


1. Can I come visit?

  • You may join us for our corporate gatherings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. You can give us a call or drop an email at info@ywam.org.sg

2. My parents/friends are coming to visit me. Can they stay on base?

3. How much does it cost to stay here as guests?

4. How do I enquire about hospitality availability?

5. What is there to do in the area?

  • • Geylang Serai lies on the east coast of Singapore and is home to the Malay community. Being the original inhabitants of Singapore, the Malays have managed to keep their culture alive and vibrant. This is very noticeable in the goods and food at restaurants and shops in Geylang Serai.
  • • Food : Geylang is also known as a round-the-clock food destination with dim-sum outlets as well as food stalls selling various exotic items
  • • Kallang Wave Mall: Whether you are a fan of high street fashion, high adrenaline or one who seeks out the best flavours and heart-pumping adventures, there’s always something to cheer about at Kallang Wave.
  • • The Singapore Sports Hub is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub that was built in 2014 and hosts sporting and entertainment events. 

6. What facilities do you have on base?

  • There is a library, small gym, and a hangout area with a ping pong table in Lorong 9 house.


1. What method of payment can I use to pay my tuition?

  • Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer
  • For Singaporeans : Additional option of Internet Banking.

2. Can I get a receipt for my payment?

  • An official receipt will be issued for proof of payment, this is not a tax deductible receipt.

3. Can I pay on someone else’s account?

  • Just state the person’s name that the payment is for when you do the payment.