Student Pass application cost for Foreign Students

Student Pass application cost for Foreign Students

**Application is done with Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

Cost of student pass application S$30 To be paid when student applies for School (non-refundable)


Upon approval of student pass by ICA, the following needs to be paid after the student is in Singapore

1. Medical check-up if required by ICA Below S$50 Paid by student at clinic.
2. Security Deposit Bank charges S$100 / S$120 or S$142 Depending on duration of School, payable to Registrar.
3. Security Deposit S$1,000 / S$1,500 / S$5,000 Depending on nationality, payable to Registrar.  (Malaysian and Bruneians are exempted.)  Amount is refundable after the student has completed the School and has left Singapore, provided student does not breach any of the Immigration Regulations.


4. Student pass issuance fee S$60 or S$90 Depending if student needs multiple-entry visa.  Payable to Registrar.


5. Insurance S$130 Compulsory for foreign students (payable to Registrar), unless they have purchased their own Insurance before they leave their home country (copy of policy to be given to Registrar).


As at 7 November 2018