Missions In Asia


This Seminar aims to provide an introduction and a holistic understanding of missions in Asia. This course seeks to see the global church become World Christians* in Asia. The content is packed with God’s heart for Asia and many stories and testimonies of Asia’s field workers.

Missions in Asia is designed to be flexible for a 15-hour DTS mission week or an 8-hour seminar. All teachings are packed with trainer's personal experiences on the field.


Program Goals:

•     That every delegate will be committed to go for at least one mission trip a year.
•     That every delegate will find their role and place in accomplishing the Great Commission.
•     That delegates will become World Christians – committed to make God known and actively find a role to live out the commitment.



•     God's dream for Asia – focusing on Habakuk 2:14, Ezekiel 43:1-2 and Revelation 21:24-26, the glory of the Lord.
•     Missions from Genesis to Revelation –top line blessing and bottom line  responsibility.
•     How did Jesus live his life on earth?  Teaching from the Gospel of John.
•     What is God doing in Asia? Tracking the 'acts' of the Holy Spirit in Asia.
•     Understanding Asia's culture – How can outreach teams not be offended and/or take offense from Asia's culture?
•     Understanding field workers – How can outreach teams work effectively with field workers and be a blessing rather than a burden to the field.
•     Preparing your toolbox – How to prepare yourselves to be effective in the field and fully utilize what God has already given to you?
•     Characteristics of a good outreach team – What and how can you contribute to make a good outreach team?

* A World Christian is someone who is passionate about world missions and actively finds a role to live that passion