Mentoring World Christians

Mentoring World Christians is designed to equip leaders to lead and mentor effective short-term mission trips, that will help their members experience a change in values, commitment and lifestyle.

This program seeks to come alongside local churches in nurturing a deeper missions culture.


Program Goals:

•   To raise outreach team leaders that can effectively mentor team members.

•   To raise up World Christians, passionate about missions, that will begin to take on the roles of Senders, Welcomers, Mobilisers and Go-ers themselves.

•   To create a missions culture in Churches by using their distinctive gifting (e.g. Business, Education, Spiritual gifts, Healing, Deliverance... etc) to be a blessing to the nations.


Program Content:

4 to 6 lessons (total of 6 - 8 hours) packed with life stories and personal experiences on the field

1.     Asia and the Glory of God

•     What is God's undying passion for Asia
•     What is your role in that passion
•     What is your commitment to that passion

2.     Being a World Christian

•    Biblical basis of missions, top-line blessing and bottom-line
responsibility. Missions from Genesis to Revelation

3.     Logistics Tracks

•    How to plan an outreach program, budgeting and financial management
•    How to create a team that would be a witness in the field?
•    How to deal with crisis in the field

4.     Ministry Preparation

•    How to prepare a team spiritual, mentally, and physically.
•    How to deal with security issues
•    What to do if the team gets into security troubles
•    How to relate to field workers
•    How to be a blessing and not a burden
•    How to prepare effective ministry tools
•    How to do team orientation

5.     Devotional Track

•    How to prepare a devotion that will affect change in their lives
•    How to facilitate a spiritual atmosphere instead of preaching a sermon