GO Teams And Church

Is your church looking for missions training and development?

YWAM Singapore is dedicated to serving local and global churches. Through our training and seminars, we are committed to working alongside churches by:

•     Training for short term missions team leaders within the church
•     Providing leaders for short term mission trips for church teams
•     Partnering with churches to provide training and member care for their members seeking long-term mission exposure
•     Helping churches to place long term missionaries in Asia


What are GO Teams?

GO Teams are short-term mission trips designed to facilitate Singaporeans who want to take the next step in missions. GO Teams will help you discover how God is leading you to contribute to the Great Commission by raising your missions awareness and providing a short-term mission trip experience. Most importantly, it will help you see where you fit into world missions - as a sender, welcomer, mobiliser or goer.

Each GO Team outreach leader has short-term mission experience and has been trained to mentor outreachers to become World Christians through pre-field orientation sessions as well as on the field. The outreach leader will help outreachers:

•     Understand world missions from a Biblical perspective
•     Be challenged while on the mission field
•     Be exposed to mission involvement opportunities

The role of GO Team outreach leaders is to provide a space and opportunity within the GO Team outreach where team members can hear from God for themselves and work with Him on the mission field.



Local churches can select a scheduled GO Team which is 100% vacant, and fill it with their members. Your missions leadership may assist the GO Team leader. Alternatively, local churches can request that YWAM Singapore leads a GO Team to a location not listed on our schedule. Of course, we cannot guarantee the availability of GO Team leadership.

In the event YWAM Singapore helps your church lead a GO Team to a location you specify, then we would stipulate that the purpose of the GO Team remains the same: that your team members be mentored to become World Christians who have both a commitment to and a role in world evangelisation.



Prior to leaving for the short-term mission trip, the GO Team outreach leader will facilitate four orientation and training session which are compulsory for all team members. These four sessions are designed to help the team members discover why they are going, how to prepare and what they will be doing on the mission field. Each session is 90 minutes long.



For more training options, visit our training section or email: info@ywam.org.sg