Finding 4K Solutions is a new course created to compliment YWAM International’s

new mission focus and global Omega Zones structure (also called 4K Zones).

This intensive seminar is about finding solutions to a key question: "What needs to

be done for ALL of an Omega Zone to have access to the Gospel and be saturated

with transformational disciple-making ministries and movements?”


>> To equip individuals or ministries to pioneer in or partner with others in 4K/Omega Zones. 

>> To help individuals or ministries formulate big Kingdom goals, while considering the small steps needed to reach them.

>> To help individuals or ministry teams formulate a clear and doable Action Plan.


S$ 570* (with lodging)

S$ 380* (without lodging)

* meals not provided


>> Priority given to YWAM personnel.

>> Open to the Body of Christ.

This course is about looking at the world in smaller bite-sized pieces (4K/Omega zones) so we can think “all and every.”

Finding 4K Solutions will equip you or your ministry to look further than your own capacities and gifts - “what can I do?” - and focus on finding solutions with the Lord for “what needs to be done?”

Out of 4,200+ zones worldwide 35% or 1,500 Omega Zones are populated with unreached peoples who have little-to-no gospel access. Another 42% or 1,750 zones have marginal gospel access. Because one approach does not fit all zones, finding a clear path to fruitfulness means careful prayer, thought and action.

The Christian Magna Carta, the Seven Spheres of Society and Church Planting Movements will feature in this integrated approach to ministry pioneering in an Omega Zone.

This course will help you start a journey to finding solutions to questions such as: “What makes a Movement move through a sphere of society or population segment and what is my part in this?” “What should we do with new followers of Jesus in a completely unreached area?” These are important questions if we are serious about seeing population segments transformed by the power of the Gospel over time.

Finding 4K Solutions will help you look further than your own capacities and gifts - “what can I do?” - and focus on finding solutions with the Lord for “what needs to done.” It will help you or your ministry team think, pray and plan big - really BIG.

A range of experienced field practitioners will present case studies and assist you in developing an implementable Action Plan in an interactive workshop-style environment.

After the course you will have continued follow up as part of a coaching group so you can run with the vision the Lord is giving you to reach the last, the least and the lost.

Finding 4K Solutions is a 6-days intensive seminar to equip individuals or ministries for pioneering or partnering with others in 4K/Omega Zones.


• The 4K/Omega Zone concept and its application on the field and in YWAM.
• Integrating ministry approaches: Looking at an Omega Zone through the lens of the Christian Magna Carta, the 7 Spheres of Society and Disciple Making Movements (known also as Church Planting Movements).
• The DNA of multiplication: Discipling a Zone using Movement dynamics.
• Formulating a useable Action Plan: A well-proven process will be used to lead you through developing a usable and shareable Action Plan. An emphasis will be made on developing the early stages of your plan, not getting the Action Plan ‘right’ from beginning to end.
• Basic contextualisation principles: Understanding the unique cultural factors in your focus zone will help determine the best approach.
• Partnerships. Principles and processes to develop cooperative and fruitful partnerships unique to your focus zone, both with locals and others across the globe, within and outside of YWAM.
• When money gets in the way of mission: Using money wisely on the field to avoid pitfalls and maximise opportunities.
• 4K Zones and Unreached People Groups.
• Security and Member Care issues.
• Follow-up to this seminar: The Action Plan produced by participants is the basis for follow-up coaching and mentoring after the course.



DATES:  12 - 17 June 2017



Contact: Roger Mack

Email: find4ksolutions@ywam.org.sg

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