The SBS is a fun way for students to grow in their relationship with God and to further discover their role in His kingdom. It’s an opportunity to dive into His heartbeat and design for humanity from the start of history.

During the 9-month course students learn how to study all 66 books of the bible through inductive observation and interpretation of what the text says, then letting those observations shape their beliefs. We also run SBS night schools.


>> To develop the ability to rightly and accurately handle God’s Word of Truth

>> To gain an overview of the Bible

>> To lay a foundation in the Word of God for fulfilling the Great Commission in Singapore and beyond


>> REGISTRATION FEE (non-refundable):

S$120 per person OR S$180 per couple


S$7,200 (with lodging) / S$4,950 (without lodging)



>> Successful completion of DTS

>> Proficient in English

1. Through training in the Inductive Method and tools of Bible study, students will become proficient in the use of concordances, word studies, Bible dictionaries, atlases and Bible study encyclopedias.

2. Through lectures given by graduates of YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies students will understand the background of Bible books.

Lectures include:
•     The historical background for each book.
•     The main themes or central ideas in the book.
•     In addition to lecturing, the staff are available for tuition to facilitate the learning process. They will also evaluate the work of the students to help them to use the Bible study method more effectively.

3. By giving the students a process for practicing the Inductive Method, students are trained to do observation, interpretation and application as there will be periodic tests and a comprehensive exam at the end of the New Testament. All assignments and tests are graded.


NEXT SCHOOL of BIBLICAL STUDIES : 25 Feb - 26 Nov 2017

Contact: Lina PHON