1. Maximum commitment duration: 1-year

2. Please complete and return to us ALL parts of the application form.

3. Confidential Reference: A confidential reference form must be given to your Pastor/Spiritual leader/Elders. We request that they complete the form online here or download the PDF and mail/email it directly to YWAM Singapore. Download Reference Form in PDF Here

4. If you would rather download a PDF Application Form, you can Download PDF Version Here and mail to us

5. Visa (For all Overseas Applicants): Please do not apply for a visa until you have received instruction and appropriate papers from the registrar.

6. Medical Insurance: Overseas applicants are REQUIRED to purchase Overseas Health Insurance for the duration of your time here.

7. Estimate Expenses (for all overseas applicants)
A. Base Accommodation: S$300 per month (if available)
B. Food and Transportation: S$400 per month (estimated)