1. Maximum commitment duration: 1-year

2. Please complete and return to us ALL parts of the application form.

3. Confidential Reference: A confidential reference form must be given to your pastor/spiritual leader. We request that they complete the form and mail/email it directly to YWAM Singapore. Download Reference Form in PDF Here

4. If you would rather download an Application Form, you can Download PDF Version Here and mail to us

5. Visa (For all Overseas Applicants): Please do not apply for a visa until you have received instruction and appropriate papers from the registrar.

6. Medical Insurance: Overseas applicants are REQUIRED to purchase Overseas Health Insurance for the duration of your time here.

7. Estimate Expenses (for all overseas applicants)
A. Base Accommodation: S$300 per month (if available)
B. Food and Transportation: S$400 per month (estimated)