Whether or not you have completed a Discipleship Training School with YWAM, you are welcome to attend one of our short seminars, workshops, or conferences. Consult the schedule below and click on the link for more details:


Interested in joining a week of teaching in the Discipleship Training School (DTS)? Our upcoming DTS will be offering the following weeks as online open teachings over Zoom!


SPEAKER: David Gava

PROFILE: “David & his wife Ingela have 2 children Gabriella & Samuel aged 12 & 14 years old, and they reside in Sweden.

As a family they have a deep love for God & His presence, and desire many to come into a deep intimate relationship with a loving father.

Their passion is to raise up a generation that walks in their God given identity. He loves witnessing and reaching out to unbelievers by hearing a specific word from God to address their need for salvation, healing, and deliverance.

He has been serving with YWAM since 1998, and they pioneered Kerusso School of the Kingdom in Germany, Australia and Brazil.”

Dates:Apr 18 (Mon) 11am -1pm
Apr 19 - Apr 22 (Tues - Fri) 10am-1pm

Cost: $10 per day, $40 per week


SYNOPSIS: Every person on earth was designed with a call of God on their lives. Most people don’t recognize that it has been there all along and is not going away. Do you know what God’s call is on your life? Do you know how to discover it? Do you know how to help others realize theirs? Destiny by Design was created to help people answer these questions

SPEAKER: Nancy Vallese (via Zoom)

Dates: 25 - 29 Apr 2022
Time: 10am - 1pm

Cost: $50 per week (must sign up for the whole week, no recordings; cost includes $10 for a workbook which we will print and mail them prior to the session)


SYNOPSIS: The commission given to Christ’s followers is to “make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19) and “proclaim the gospel to the whole creation (Mt 16:15). God’s great heart is to see the restoration of all individuals to a personal relationship with Himself and the transformation of communities and nations towards God’s original intention

SPEAKER: Joseph Chean

Dates & Time: May 2 (Mon) 11am -1pm;
May 3 - May 6 (Tue - Fri) 10am-1pm

Cost:  $10 per day, $40 per week


ASIA PACIFIC ENTREPRENEURS COMMUNITY- School of Transformational Business (APEC-SOTB) is a network of countries & locations in Asia Pacific region to train how to start and run a Godly, sustainable business with the purpose of bringing God's Kingdom to AP region & beyond. APEC-SOTB is designed for those who have a passion to fulfil the Great Commission & discipleship through business among the unreached. This school will offer teaching from experienced BWAM practitioners who have been involved in this space or have extensive experience in business. This course will also prepare you in integrating both spiritual & business skills with a very clear great commission focus, followed by other assignments, multicultural work group discussions.

SOTB is an UofN accredited Course. Our lecturers from around the globe committed followers of God's who are BWAM practitioners, model sharing from Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Managers who bring a unique value to the classroom, as well as provide combined experience & knowledge.

EMAIL: [email protected]

This is a 9 weeks hybrid series designed in two phases. Phase 1 is lecture and Phase 2 is ministry, business & financial planning.

Phase 1 : Module 1 - Biblical foundation of Business, Understanding Integration of Business and the Great Commission.

Module 2 - Kingdom Business Leadership Development, Understanding expansion into the nations

Phase 2 : -  How to develop a strong ministry plan, Business structure/compliances

SOTB is offered as a HYBRID series - Combined online lectures (Mon, Tue, Wed) + Live and Learn at locations. According to the locations there will be also worship, intercession, small group discussions & mentoring circle.

Start Date: 26 May, 2022

Time: Singapore - 9AM | India - 6:30AM | Jakarta - 8 AM

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