School Applications


If you would rather download an Application Form, you can DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION HERE and mail to us

1. Husbands & wives enrolling as students MUST complete separate application forms.

2. REGISTRATION FEES: This non-refundable fee MUST be paid upon submission of the duly completed application form. Pay Online

a)  Singaporean Applicants - $120 & $180 (married couple): Please refer to the list of payment methods on the following page for more details.

b)  International Applicants - $150 & $240 (married couple): The difference in amount is due to additional processing work for Student Pass Application. Please refer to the list of payment methods on the following page for more details.

3. PASSPORT SIZED PHOTO: File Specification (click on photo for larger view)



Registered and Accredited with the University of the Nations (UofN) Kona, Hawaii.

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1. PERSONAL REFERENCES - Request for relevant persons to send directly back to us

     a) Clicking the link directly OR
     b) Copy and paste the link provided below (e.g. http// - replace with relevant link) and send them by email

Reference Form A : LEADERSHIP click here- to be filled by Church Leader

Reference Form B : FRIEND click here - to be filled by the applicant's friend

Reference Form C : YWAM LEADER (If Applicable) click here- to be filled by previous YWAM leader

Reference Form D : HEALTH click here- to be filled by a certified physician Health Form in PDF

2. DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION: Contents in this form will be passed on to Institute of the Nations & the University of the Nations (UofN) for the purpose of recording your achievement(s). It will not be used for any other purpose or given out to any other organization.