The Community Development Seminar establishes a biblical approach to community transformation for all spheres of society. Beginning with the holistic development of the individual and his or her relationship with God, the principles, and practices of this course are designed to enable change in varied settings, from small to large and rural to urban. 

Participants in the seminar will be trained to initiate and accomplish strategic activities within their target communities, with the ultimate goal of bringing life and growth according to God’s purposes. 


Based on the principles of Being (character and values), Knowing (understanding and wisdom), and Doing (skills, abilities, and application), the Community Development School offers training for:

1. Building an integrated approach to ministry under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2. Comprehending and applying principles of relationship found to be crucial for the development of a healthy community (including approaches to reconciliation and cross cultural understanding)

3. Developing and internalizing a Biblical Christian Worldview with the associated critical thinking and application skills found necessary for establishing a Biblical approach to community development.

4. Understanding and pursuing God's intentions for workers in His Kingdom by strengthening areas of intimacy with God, personal transformation, acting as an agent for change, etc.

5. Developing basic competencies for service as a development worker, including, skills in facilitation, assessment, participatory action, research, planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of goals, actions and results within the transformation process.

6. Connecting and relating to various support systems and networks within a chosen community or sphere.


• Biblical Worldview & Development

• Principles of Community Transformation

• Church Planting & Networking

• Assessment & Planning

• Appropriate Technology

• Knowing the Land-Prayer and Development

• Proposal Writing

• The Arts & Urban Development

• Stewardship & the Environment

• Community Engagement-SEED Projects

• Cross Culture Communication & Conflict Transformation

DATE: 02 - 27 October 2017

COST: S$1050 (with housing)
S$750 (without housing)

Please note that it does NOT cover food, transportation etc.

 CONTACT: Tessa Choo